Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Camp more road

We are packed up  we numbered off. I did not want to get in the van because i was right i was getting car sick already. 2 HOURS later!WE'RE HERE! Finally we’re here,here we Gooooo! Hi i'm kayleigh and this is Chloe.and welcome to Mt Bruce. Now 1 to 23 go with me kayleigh and the rest of you go with chole. So first choles group went to see the takahe,then went to see other birds then the tuataras. The kiwis were best because the people that worked there said be quiet and that's what I wanted. Then we saw a movie. After we saw lots of different lizards and I saw a 3D movie. We headed back inside to have lunch then saw the long fin  eels. Mrs withnall kissed yup I said kissed an eel and after we went back to camp.