Thursday, 8 June 2017

bully letter

PEOPLE stop bullying it's bad I want to stop this right away but how that's why I asked you. Bullies out there stop how would it feel if you got bullied it is then same to the people that are getting bullied  that’s why do not bully  E.G what if someone named Chloe was walking down a road and bullies came and bet her up and everyday she would come home with a black eye and a hungry tummy it's bad it’s easy  just say nice things everyday stop bullying,bullying is bad because it can ruin people’s lives and change them very hurtfully Advice: do not hurt people's feelings, bullies can be taken out of school.Bullying is terrifying and people get sent to JAIL!


  1. Rhythm that so nice helping other people stop bullying and your right it bad so STOP!!! I was saying that to the bullies so go away

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