Friday, 22 September 2017

Animation name

Hi guys today im going to show you my name on scratch

Calendar art

Look at this magnificent optical illusion It has been designed brightly by Rhythm Lee king, 8 years old.  Boldly presented in grass green also sky blue. Don’t miss this amazing offer so order now.

Products   price   Qty    total
Calendars       $12,00
Cards               $12.00
Diaries              $15.00

Notepads          $12.00

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Matariki blog post

Kia ora welcome back to my blog.
Yesterday we were learning about Matariki . If you don't know what Matariki is Matariki is the Maori New year.
These are some of the photos of the day

this is what they might put in the garden

Friday, 23 June 2017

KWL link

KWL Hi sorry we could not get it on there's a link over their

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Artefact plan By Rhythm

Hey welcome back to my blog this week we are focusing on PBL if you don't know what that stand's for it stand's for project base learning by Rhythm

Monday, 12 June 2017

Maori hand games with Me

This is my Refection on Maori hand games...

The first game is called e hipi to to this is me and Charli playing it:

Whai was hard because it kept  on slipping but i got there. hei tama to tama was easy because i kept on getting a draw. i want to improve next time because i thought that i need to concentrate on not dropping the Koruru. i learnt that the whai was not easy. My favorite was hipi toi toi.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

bully letter

PEOPLE stop bullying it's bad I want to stop this right away but how that's why I asked you. Bullies out there stop how would it feel if you got bullied it is then same to the people that are getting bullied  that’s why do not bully  E.G what if someone named Chloe was walking down a road and bullies came and bet her up and everyday she would come home with a black eye and a hungry tummy it's bad it’s easy  just say nice things everyday stop bullying,bullying is bad because it can ruin people’s lives and change them very hurtfully Advice: do not hurt people's feelings, bullies can be taken out of school.Bullying is terrifying and people get sent to JAIL!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

My about me selfie

Welcome back to my blog this is my about me selfie thanks for coming come again

about me

kia ora my name is Rhythm lee and my life is boys the only girls are me and my mum.  My house stinks every DAY anyway i’m 8 years old and my habits are singing, gymnastics and dancing I love animals and meeting new people. I go to parkvale school and i am in rimu Hub my teacher is  Mr Cooper  
My relievers are Miss Milne Mrs Dunn and Mr Costello
I love going to the beach and my favorite holiday is valentine's day my birthday is january the 16th of 2008 My last name is KING and i like my personality is a bookworm but  i say i'm smart i help people with bullying and i'm good at it when I grow up I want to save the world by stopping rubbish.
That's pretty much my life :)

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The spider who wants spots

This is my reading the spider who wants spots we learnt that people are different and also animals and insects.

Monday, 15 May 2017

My chapter book

PIZZA Chapter one

“Hi can i please have a hawaiian and a pepperoni” mum says
“And mum can i have a meat lovers” I yell
“KNOCK! KNOCK!(delivery guy)  PIZZA!” All of us shout
MMMMMMMMMM! “This is good” I mumble
“All done! Now desert...chocolate ice-cream” mum says “Haa! you have a chocolate mustache” I say to my cousin.
“Ok movie time” mum decided “what are we watching”?“goosebumps” mum added “ew scary”I say shivering  (after the movie) (all of us snoring) mum is secretly eating pizza.

(on the phone) “Hello nan can koby come to your house?”I say on the phone “ok but for a week”nan tells me on the phone “sure i'll tell him” byebye koby you are going to nans sorry can i have a moment (yyyuuu ssssss) what were you saying koby said with laughter ok pack check
I'm here nana says loudly byebye koby

Today on the cooking show i pretend i'm here with the best cook my daddy.  we are going to make cupcake (after we make the cupcakes) bbb uuu rrrrrrppppppp!!!!!!!!uhh those uh oh we ate the cupcakes. before we told mum what do we do.I do not know lets rebake . ok (after the re bake) good work dad. ( when we are at the party) after one minute all the cupcakes were gone everyone must love our cupcakes!

Once upon a time wait a second this is about bodie not a fairytale.But let's get back to the story there was a little baby called bodie. He lived with a big sister called Peyton. A big brother called Renita and a big brother called Mason. Bodie is gentle, cute and sweet. He is newborn and also he relaxes in a little pouch mostly everyday it’s technically what he does and one day me my mum and my dad went to Bodies and played with my little cousins i;m like a big sister and a little sister to my big cousin T Awatea but we call him T-T for short

Thanks for Reading my chapter book The end

By Rhythm

Friday, 12 May 2017

My maths reflection


What I enjoyed… I enjoyed ALL of it

What I found difficult… i found difficult was getting a more higher or lower number

What I learnt… i learnt counting up with big high numbers

What I still need to learn or practice… i still need to learn is to try and try again

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The bully

this is my bully work its not okay to be a bully and its okay to be good

Thursday, 13 April 2017

little red riding hood

Red,  walks meets wolf yum yum  red gone. Grandma ! No

File:Little Red Riding Hood Meeting the Wolf.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Camp more road

We are packed up  we numbered off. I did not want to get in the van because i was right i was getting car sick already. 2 HOURS later!WE'RE HERE! Finally we’re here,here we Gooooo! Hi i'm kayleigh and this is Chloe.and welcome to Mt Bruce. Now 1 to 23 go with me kayleigh and the rest of you go with chole. So first choles group went to see the takahe,then went to see other birds then the tuataras. The kiwis were best because the people that worked there said be quiet and that's what I wanted. Then we saw a movie. After we saw lots of different lizards and I saw a 3D movie. We headed back inside to have lunch then saw the long fin  eels. Mrs withnall kissed yup I said kissed an eel and after we went back to camp.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

My waka

My waka has all the things i love. Josh is my awesome and strong dad . jacqui is my beautiful delicate mum. The heart represents me loving to draw i like skulls hearts and netball.