Tuesday, 23 May 2017

about me

kia ora my name is Rhythm lee and my life is boys the only girls are me and my mum.  My house stinks every DAY anyway i’m 8 years old and my habits are singing, gymnastics and dancing I love animals and meeting new people. I go to parkvale school and i am in rimu Hub my teacher is  Mr Cooper  
My relievers are Miss Milne Mrs Dunn and Mr Costello
I love going to the beach and my favorite holiday is valentine's day my birthday is january the 16th of 2008 My last name is KING and i like my personality is a bookworm but  i say i'm smart i help people with bullying and i'm good at it when I grow up I want to save the world by stopping rubbish.
That's pretty much my life :)

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