Monday, 15 May 2017

My chapter book

PIZZA Chapter one

“Hi can i please have a hawaiian and a pepperoni” mum says
“And mum can i have a meat lovers” I yell
“KNOCK! KNOCK!(delivery guy)  PIZZA!” All of us shout
MMMMMMMMMM! “This is good” I mumble
“All done! Now desert...chocolate ice-cream” mum says “Haa! you have a chocolate mustache” I say to my cousin.
“Ok movie time” mum decided “what are we watching”?“goosebumps” mum added “ew scary”I say shivering  (after the movie) (all of us snoring) mum is secretly eating pizza.

(on the phone) “Hello nan can koby come to your house?”I say on the phone “ok but for a week”nan tells me on the phone “sure i'll tell him” byebye koby you are going to nans sorry can i have a moment (yyyuuu ssssss) what were you saying koby said with laughter ok pack check
I'm here nana says loudly byebye koby

Today on the cooking show i pretend i'm here with the best cook my daddy.  we are going to make cupcake (after we make the cupcakes) bbb uuu rrrrrrppppppp!!!!!!!!uhh those uh oh we ate the cupcakes. before we told mum what do we do.I do not know lets rebake . ok (after the re bake) good work dad. ( when we are at the party) after one minute all the cupcakes were gone everyone must love our cupcakes!

Once upon a time wait a second this is about bodie not a fairytale.But let's get back to the story there was a little baby called bodie. He lived with a big sister called Peyton. A big brother called Renita and a big brother called Mason. Bodie is gentle, cute and sweet. He is newborn and also he relaxes in a little pouch mostly everyday it’s technically what he does and one day me my mum and my dad went to Bodies and played with my little cousins i;m like a big sister and a little sister to my big cousin T Awatea but we call him T-T for short

Thanks for Reading my chapter book The end

By Rhythm

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